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We create products to assist businesses in staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence.

Our AI product suite

Powerful, self-serve and AI ready products to help your business stay ahead.

AI Ticket Assistant

Ticket Assistant analyzes your customer support tickets and provides personalized responses or suggests the best course of action to take, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Help Center Smart Answering

Static FAQs are outdated, turn your Help Center into a real interactive assistant with the power of AI and reduce your support volume while improving conversion.

AI Help Center Generator

Automatically approve and generate new Help Center entries based on your past conversations with customers and your product offering.

AI Doc Reader

Doc Reader automatically converts any business document into a searchable database, streamlining your workflows with advanced document questioning and document context extraction.

AI Doc Summarizer

Revolutionize your market research and analysis function with our AI Doc Summarizer. Automatically condense documents to the length of your choice, increase the productivity and accuracy of your research team.

AI Doc Translator

Maximize the effectiveness of your research team, coupled with our AI Doc Summarizer, Doc Translator automatically condense and translate any business document or company minutes to extract the most relevant information for your business.

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