Zendesk + Yuma AI

Yotpo | Integration with Yuma AI

Yotpo is a retention marketing platform for e-commerce businesses that offers customer engagement and loyalty through customized rewards and referral programs. It provides a variety of campaigns and reward offerings, including coupons, discounts, and more, making it a valuable tool for e-commerce businesses looking to incentivize repeat purchases. Yotpo is a popular choice for e-commerce stores on Shopify and other major e-commerce platforms and works with major help desks, especially Gorgias and Zendesk.

Yuma & Yotpo

Yuma seamlessly integrates with Yotpo to offer automation across your ecosystem. Integrating with Yotpo enables Yuma to perform autonomous actions like searching for data, updating records, and more inside Yotpo. Essentially, you don't need a human to do mundane tasks like opening Yotpo and looking for information, then fetching it to resolve tickets. All that can be performed end-to-end by Yuma AI. By utilizing Yotpo's loyalty and referral solutions and Yuma's AI automation, you can ensure that every customer interaction is an opportunity to strengthen loyalty, encourage referrals, and drive revenue.

Key Features

Loyalty Campaigns: Launch out-of-the-box campaigns that reward customers when they do valuable actions like - leaving reviews, follows on social media and, of course, purchases.

Diverse and Customized Reward offerings: Yotpo Loyalty offers tailored rewards such as coupons and discounts to incentivize repeat purchases and enhance customer engagement.

Referral Programs: Yotpo facilitates referral programs to encourage customers to refer friends, driving customer acquisition and loyalty.

Tier-based programs: Launch different programs for different customer tiers. Create tiers based on spend, purchases, referrals, or points.

Customer Segmentation: Yotpo allows businesses to segment customers based on number of referrals, last purchase date, VIP tier, points balance, etc

Reporting & Insights: Yotpo provides analytics and reporting tools to track loyalty program performance, customer engagement, and ROI.

Why use Yotpo?

Boost Engagement: Enhance customer engagement with personalized loyalty and referral programs.

Drive Retention: Increase customer retention by rewarding loyalty and fostering a sense of community.

Maximize Revenue: Leverage loyalty programs to incentivize repeat purchases and referrals, boosting revenue.

Customizable and Scalable: Choose from pre-built loyalty tiers or create your own, set up rewards for specific actions, and customize the look and feel of the loyalty program to match their brand.

Getting Started with Yotpo

Integrating Yotpo into your platform like Shopify is straightforward. You can learn how to connect it to your e-commerce platform here. They also offer extensive support guides and developer documentation.