Seal Subscriptions and Yuma Integration

Seal Subscriptions | Integration with Yuma AI

Seal Subscriptions is a subscription management tool designed specifically for Shopify. It allows Shopify merchants to effortlessly create and manage multiple subscription options directly within the ecosystem. With Seal, you can set up auto-charging subscriptions and manually create subscriptions for your customers. Seal works with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify and major help desks like Gorgias and Zendesk. It also integrates seamlessly with Bundler and other apps like Klaviyo and Google Analytics.

Yuma & Seal Subscriptions

Yuma integrates with Seal Subscriptions to offer automation across your ecosystem. The Integration enables Yuma to perform autonomous actions like searching for data, updating records, and more inside Seal Subscriptions. Essentially, you don't need a human to do mundane tasks like opening Seal and looking for information, then fetching it to resolve tickets. Yuma AI can perform these actions end-to-end.

Key Features

Automated Billing System

Automatically charges and renews customer subscriptions, streamlining the recurring revenue process.

Manual Subscription Setup

Offers the flexibility to manually create subscriptions tailored to specific customer requirements.

Bundler Integration

Enables combined subscription and bundle discounts with Bundler, enhancing value and attractiveness to customers.

Comprehensive App Integrations

Seamlessly connects with essential e-commerce and analytics tools like Klaviyo, Pagefly, Gempages, and Google Analytics.

Recurring Invoice Mode

Provides an option for recurring invoices, accommodating different billing preferences and enhancing flexibility.

Why use Seal Subscriptions?

Affordable Pricing

Seal Subscriptions stands out with a competitive pricing model. It offers a robust free plan for up to 150 subscriptions with no transaction fees, making it more affordable than many alternatives.

Zero Transaction Fees

Seal Subscriptions has a 0% transaction fee on all plans. Unlike some other subscription tools, you won’t incur additional charges based on transactions.

Customer Portal

Seal Subscriptions provides a highly customizable customer portal, enabling subscribers to easily manage their own subscriptions. This self-service feature reduces merchant workload and enhances the customer experience.

Enhanced Business Insights

Seal Subscriptions integrates with Google Analytics and other tools to provide merchants with detailed insights into subscription performance, helping them make data-driven decisions to optimize their subscription models.

Flexible Subscription Models

Seal Subscriptions allows you to create various subscription models, from simple recurring payments to complex tiered plans. Tailor your offerings to match your business needs.

Getting Started with Seal Subscriptions

To begin using Seal Subscriptions, visit their Seal User Manual, which provides comprehensive guides to the app. They also offer Video Tutorials, which are great for getting started.