About Yuma AI

Yuma AI is built by Silicon Valley veterans and launched in December 2022.

We are dedicated to bringing the latest and most advanced AI technology to businesses. We believe that the current era of disruption presents both challenges and opportunities for businesses. Those that are able to quickly adapt and leverage AI will thrive, while those that fail to do so risk being left behind at an unprecedented speed.

That is why we are committed to developing the best AI product suite for businesses, to help them stay ahead of the curve and succeed in this rapidly changing landscape.
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Meet our team

As a team of experienced product builders from Silicon Valley, we are witnessing the massive disruption of AI and are committed to building products that help businesses stay ahead in this time of exponential technological advances.
Guillaume Luccisano
Founder & CEO
As a technologist, product builder, and serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in Silicon Valley, I am committed to helping businesses ride the transformative AI shift.

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Discover Ticket Assistant

Yuma is bringing the power of GPT-3 to your Help Desk software.
Give your support agents new exceptional superpowers.