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Yuma Ticket Assistant is an AI that integrates with your Help Desk software and automates the drafting of responses.

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Ticket Assistant Features

Ticket Assistant is especially built for Shopify merchants using Zendesk or Gorgias.
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AI Automatic Response Drafting
As soon as a ticket comes in, our AI begins analyzing the inquiry and drafting the most appropriate response for the customer. If Yuma is confident about its response, a draft will be suggested to the agent when they open the ticket. If not, nothing will show up, ensuring that the agent's workflow is not disrupted and that each customer inquiry is handled efficiently and effectively.
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Instruct Yuma
Click a button, succinctly write what you want to say, and Yuma will instantly generate a complete draft using your brand voice. Your draft will always remain on-brand, polite, and grammatically correct.
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Custom Knowledge Base
Yuma can only be effective if it has a thorough understanding of your business. After being installed on your Help Desk, Yuma automatically builds an entire Knowledge Base tailored to your brand.

This ensures that our AI can provide accurate and personalized responses that align with your business needs.
Writing style Customization
Yuma can learn your writing style from your past tickets. It then uses that style to draft its future responses. This ensures that all responses are on-brand, with the right tone and in perfect English.
Conversation Thread Summarization
Click a button and instantly get a summary of your entire conversation thread with a customer. Save it on the customer profile for historical context or share it with your team for escalation.
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Multilingual and Auto-Translation
Yuma speaks the 15 most common languages. Incoming ticket languages don't matter; Yuma will adapt and draft its response in the appropriate language.
One-Click "Reply & Close Ticket"
We are building Ticket Assistant to be as convenient and helpful as possible for your support team.
With just a click of a button, your agents can quickly send our drafted response, close the ticket, and move on to their next task. This not only saves time, but it also significantly boosts productivity of the whole support team.
Help Desk Native Integrations
We are currently integrating with Zendesk, Gorgias and Shopify natively. Support for more platforms is coming soon. If you need support for a specific platform, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Yuma can also handle multiple stores or brands on the same helpdesk instance natively.
Shopify Integration
Yuma automatically retrieves information from your Shopify products and pages. When a customer makes a new inquiry, Yuma retrieves live prices and availability of product variants. Yuma is always up-to-date, using your Shopify data to guide customers and boost sales.

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AI Ticket Analysis
Leveraging the latest advancements in AI technology, Ticket Assistant quickly and accurately analyzes each incoming support ticket to provide personalized responses or suggest the best course of action to take. With Ticket Assistant, you can automate routine tasks and focus on delivering exceptional customer service.
One-Click "Reply & Close Ticket"
If you like the draft that Ticket Assistant generated for you. Just click a button and the response will be sent to the customer and the Ticket closed. Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks and hello to efficient, personalized customer service.
Always up to date to provide the best answer
Ticket Assistant seamlessly integrates with your Help Desk, FAQs, Historical Tickets, Shopify products and pages, Macros, as well as customer orders in order to provide personalized and accurate answers to your support tickets.

Starter+ Plan

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Boosting efficiency in customer support
400 Automated Drafts included
AI Automated Draft generation
Brand Voice: Writing style Customization
Instruct Yuma: Generate a draft with succinct instructions
One-Click "Conversation Thread Summarization"
One-Click "Reply & Close Ticket"
Native Integration with Zendesk, Gorgias and Shopify
Help Centers & FAQs Sync
Historical Conversations Sync
Past Orders & Products Sync
Macros Sync
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