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Omnie is a leading customer-service solutions provider from North America with clients across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. They are driven by a passion for redefining the service landscape through innovative tech.

Omnie partnered with us in April 2023 and is currently serving 12 e-commerce businesses using autonomous AI. With Yuma, Omnie can provide personalized service 24/7 in any language and in any brand persona. This partnership represents a significant advancement in combining human expertise with AI to deliver superior customer experiences globally. In this case study, we look at what exactly led Omnie to partner with Yuma and what outcomes have been achieved since.

"By joining forces with Yuma, we are able to offer our customers an even more comprehensive solution that leverages the latest advancements in AI technology. We believe that this partnership will allow us to provide even more personalized and streamlined support to our partners. We're confident that it will further strengthen our position as a leading provider of customer service solutions that combine the best of both worlds - technology and a personalized human experience." - Jordan Brown, Founder of Omnie


Omnie realized early that customer service providers must adopt AI in order to remain relevant and ahead of the curve. The need became more evident with their growing business in recent years. The new global clientele meant serving more queries in more languages and in various time zones. They understood that with AI, routine inquiries can be resolved quickly and accurately, while more complex issues can be handled by human agents.

We asked Elizabeth (Implementation Lead at Omnie) what the top problem she thinks Yuma solves is. This is what she said in response: “I started my career as a frontline CSR 30 years ago when the whole concept of CS was brand new. It used to take at least 10 minutes to answer a query like ‘where’s my order’. The AI can do it instantly with 100% accuracy. Yes, it saves so much time, but most importantly, it saves the brains of our human agents. It frees up time for work that really needs to be handled by humans.”


Omnie chose Yuma for its deep integration with Shopify and its capability to handle a broad range of customer inquiries autonomously. The partnership with Yuma started Omnie on a new journey. Omnie is now serving 12 e-commerce businesses with AI. Their top businesses achieved 50% full automation a few months after implementing Yuma. The first-response time (FRT) has dropped from an average of 7 hours to 1 hour. Capabilities such as shipment tracking and replying to reviews have streamlined operations substantially for Omnie’s clientele.

“Yuma doesn’t just speed up responses—it enhances them. Our clients’ customer satisfaction scores have improved after Yuma because the responses are indistinguishable from human agents. Moreover, AI is instant and consistent.” - Elizabeth Cuffe, Implementation Lead at Omnie


Automation Efficiency

Omnie achieved 50% full automation rates for its top clients with Yuma. The average first-response time (FRT) also dropped from 7 hours to 1 hour.

Time Savings

Yuma has significantly reduced the workload for Omnie’s clients; one client, in particular, saved 9 full workdays in the last 30 days.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Yuma’s capabilities have improved customer satisfaction for businesses in Omnie’s portfolio, with interaction ratings consistently hitting 4.5 to 5 stars. According to Omnie, some AI interactions rate higher than those handled by human agents.

“Years ago when email was becoming a thing, we used to type out all responses. To make that faster and easier, we started cutting and pasting answers but that sounded robotic. Today, with AI it’s not possible to differentiate between a human and AI answer. Our CSAT scores of some AI interactions are better. AI answers today are not cut and paste and you really feel the difference.” - Elizabeth Cuffe, Implementation Lead at Omnie
Support and Innovation

Support from Yuma has been crucial to the success of this partnership, especially because the tech is new and evolving at breakneck speed. This is what Elizabeth said when we asked about Yuma’s support:

“Working with Yuma is fabulous. Their proactive support and quick turnarounds made it super easy for us to keep up with new feature releases. What we love the most is that they own their issues and do not delay is helping with problems and queries.” - Elizabeth Cuffe, Implementation Lead at Omnie
Global 24/7 Support

Yuma supports all languages, which has allowed Omnie to deliver AI automation to e-commerce businesses from several countries in multiple languages and 24/7.


The partnership between Omnie and Yuma marks an important milestone in industry collaboration. The results achieved so far are just the beginning. With goals to take automation rates to 80/90%, Yuma is determined to help partners like Omnie deliver the best in CX services. So, what’s the future of partnerships between companies like Yuma and Omnie? We think collaborations like this will only skyrocket in the coming days because one thing is certain: AI will be adopted by every business in the next 18 months.

“I don’t think AI is taking away jobs at all. It’s freeing up humans to do work where they can add more value. It’s not taking anything away from us, it’s enhancing your teams.” - Elizabeth Cuffe, Implementation Lead at Omnie

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