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In a short span of 3.5 years, MyVariations has swiftly risen to prominence in the French DTC market for electric toothbrushes, gearing up to become the 2nd leading brand in 2024 in France (they came 3rd in 2023). Their top goal for 2024 is expanding across Europe and stepping into retail. However, this remarkable growth brought a significant challenge: an overwhelming increase in customer service inquiries, soaring from 90 to ~400 tickets daily (and growing). Their CS team grappled with a plethora of queries, from subscription adjustments to product usage.

This increase, driven by their transition into retail and a growing subscriber base for toothbrush head refills, necessitated a robust solution for managing customer inquiries efficiently. After evaluating several AI solutions, they chose Yuma AI. What stood out early on was Yuma’s ability to execute fully autonomous actions (with 0% human intervention)

“We chose Yuma AI, because of their overall multichannel accuracy. We tried help desk AI features and other AI products for our customer service but none of them made a difference. Later, we found Yuma to be the most effective option we tried. Yuma helps our customers on Trust Pilot and gets great feedback for super customer service. I think that’s great!”- Martin Thiebaut (CMO & Co-Founder)


The rapid growth of MyVariations brought not just an increase in customer queries but also a rise in complexity. Their unique challenges stemmed from handling numerous recurring questions, especially regarding their subscription model and product inquiries. The team, although skilled, found themselves inundated with repetitive yet nuanced tasks like address changes, subscription modifications, and product use. This not only strained their limited resources but also jeopardised their commitment to prompt and personalised customer service. As tickets piled up, the need for a more efficient, sophisticated solution became evident to maintain their renowned service quality. The complexity and volume of these inquiries overwhelmed their customer service team, consisting of just 2 supervisors and 6 agents. They struggled to maintain high service standards within a 15-hour daily window, leading to increased response times and operational inefficiencies.


They chose Yuma AI for its seamless integration with Shopify and its capability to handle a broad range of customer inquiries autonomously. Our team is fast and adaptive in helping implement the product. This integration was pivotal in transforming their approach to customer service. Yuma's AI-driven system could instantly and accurately address common questions like subscription details and order tracking, freeing the human agents to focus on more complex, high-touch customer interactions that require a personal touch.

“We love the team at Yuma for their friendliness and eagerness to help set you up for success. Their customer and implementation support has been greatly satisfactory so far and helped us a lot in evolving our workflow to take advantage of this new tech” - Martin Thiebaut (CMO & Co-Founder)


The integration of Yuma AI into MyVariations' customer support system yielded transformative results. Within a mere six months, a significant 30% of customer tickets were fully automated. This leap in efficiency reduced their First Response Time (FRT) from 7 hours to an impressive 2 hours. Furthermore, the costs got slashed, reducing their customer service expenses 33% monthly. MyVariations achieved an impressive 4x ROI. Martin noted that while MyVariations saw substantial savings, the ROI for most stores using Yuma AI should be much higher, ranging from 7 to 8x ROI, depending on their initial customer service investments. Most notably, MyVariations maintained a stellar 4.7/5 Trustpilot rating, reflecting enhanced customer satisfaction and service efficiency.

When asked about the overall outcome, Martin said, “Yuma is helping us reduce the tickets and providing helpful information for our customer service agents to become more efficient. For example. Yuma can summarise very long exchanges of tickets with customers in just a few bullet points, which allows the customer service agents to understand complex situations in just a few seconds, instead of the need to read the 10 emails from the previous exchange with customers.”


The collaboration between MyVariations and Yuma AI marks a significant milestone in customer service automation. The results achieved so far are just the beginning. With plans to elevate their automation rate to 50%, MyVariations is setting a benchmark for operational efficiency and redefining customer engagement standards in the DTC space. This partnership underscores the untapped potential of AI in transforming customer support systems, offering insights and inspiration for other Shopify merchants facing similar challenges. As MyVariations continues to grow and innovate with Yuma AI, their journey stands as a compelling case for the pivotal role of technology in enhancing customer service and driving business growth in today's economy.

"Yuma's focus on AI for customer support automation is a game-changer. Unlike others, they specialise and excel in automating support with superior focus. This expertise has transformed our customer service, making Yuma AI not just a tool but a pivotal partner in elevating our customer interactions.” - Martin Thiebaut (CMO & Co-Founder)
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