How MFI Medical Cut First Response Time by 87% and Automated 45% of Customer Inquiries with Yuma AI

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Founded in 1980 by Annette and Arnold Wiesel, MFI Medical began as a family-operated venture committed to providing quality medical supplies at reasonable prices. Over the decades, under the stewardship of their children - Augustus Wiesel (CEO) and Alex Wiesel (CPO), MFI has evolved, adeptly integrating modern technologies while maintaining its foundational values.

Today, MFI is an Inc. 5000 award-winning company dedicated to offering the best customer interactions. The merchant offers over 45,000 medical products, including anesthesia machines, audiometers, endoscopy devices, medical chairs, and stretchers. Their emphasis on customer service relates to the nature of their products. Medical equipments usually have more technical specifications than average products, making responses to customer queries more complex.

"Choosing Yuma was pivotal for us; their cutting-edge AI met our immediate needs and also aligned perfectly with our long-term customer service goals.” - Augustus Wiesel, CEO of MFI Medical


As MFI’s reputation and customer base grew, so did the volume of customer inquiries. Over the years, MFI has added an increasing number of products to its portfolio. The merchant sells over 45,000 medical products on its website today, with thousands being added annually. The business growth and increased complexity started to stretch its customer support team. The team began to see its First Response Time (FRT) get longer until it hit almost 5 hours.

The highest volume of customer queries we get are product inquiries. When making product inquiries, customers are usually first time and pre-sales. Which makes the FRT time very important. Long FRTs can easily translate to missed revenue. - Augustus Wiesel, CEO of MFI Medical

While FRT was becoming an issue, the increasing number of products meant increased queries that started overloading the team’s human bandwidth. The company's dedication to customer satisfaction and an expanding client base necessitated a scalable solution to maintain its high service standards.


Since implementation, Yuma has been a critical component in MFI’s strategy to scale operations while consistently delivering top-notch customer experiences. This is what CEO Augustus said when asked about choosing Yuma:

After testing various AI CX automation tools and spending over $20,000, Yuma has emerged as the superior choice. Its ability to accurately handle customer inquiries has allowed us to discontinue using several solutions like Gorgias Automate in favor of Yuma, enhancing our customer interaction quality.

We are specially proud to work with MFI because of their uniqueness. MFI is different from a regular merchant as they - get queries from both sellers and buyers, sell refurbished items, and provide servicing on sold equipment. Implementing AI for MFI has been an incredible learning journey for us. We started by automating their most frequent queries but, over time, have streamlined major processes and operations.


Automation Rate

MFI has achieved 45% automation of its total monthly ticket volume (22k on average) in under 6 months since implementing Yuma. The top automated cases include shipment status, product availability, product recommendations, product advice, and quotes for products.

Slashed First Response Time

With Yuma, MFI has significantly reduced their first response time, placing them in the top 10% of Gorgias users for FRT. What used to be an average wait of over 4 hours has now been cut down to less than 30 minutes.

Cost and Time Savings

Yuma helps MFI save around eight days per month and approximately $30,000 per year. This efficiency allows the team to reallocate resources to higher-value tasks.

Automated Workflows

MFI has been able to automate complex workflows effortlessly. Including workflows where the AI navigates autonomously between Netsuite (Oracle), spreadsheets, and back to Yuma to resolve customer tickets. Before Yuma, these were complex but tedious tasks handled manually by humans.

Boosted Customer Satisfaction

MFI saw a solid increase in 5-star Google reviews, thanks to positive customer interactions facilitated by the AI. Their Google rating has improved from 3.5 to 4.4 stars since using Yuma. Yuma doesn't just respond to customers but encourages them to leave a positive rating following a satisfying interaction.

I am so impressed with Yuma! I started recommending Yuma in Shopify Plus Community on Facebook when I see relevant messages. - Augustus Wiesel, CEO of MFI Medical


MFI's journey is a true testament to innovation and adaptation. From its humble beginnings in 1980 as a family-run venture, they have evolved into an award-winning company, offering a wide range of medical products and prioritizing customer service. As the company expanded its product catalog and customer base, it faced the challenge of maintaining prompt and effective customer service. The implementation of Yuma emerged as a game-changer. Notably, Yuma has enabled MFI to automate 45% of all tickets including complex workflows, decrease first response times significantly (87.5%), and enhance customer satisfaction, as evidenced by an increase in 5-star Google reviews.

Yuma’s support team has been exceptional, swiftly implementing changes and ensuring our team is fully trained on customizing the AI solutions to fit our specific needs. - Augustus Wiesel, CEO of MFI Medical

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