Shipbob and Yuma Integration

ShipBob | Integration with Yuma AI

ShipBob is an all-in-one global fulfillment partner for e-commerce businesses with comprehensive, tech-driven logistics solutions. ShipBob’s fulfillment services include - Warehousing, packing, shipping, tracking, returns, 2-day shipping, and custom packaging. ShipBob combines extensive technology with a network of strategically located fulfillment centres across the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. They offer integration with all major e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, TikTok, eBay, and more. They also work with major help desks including Gorgias and Zendesk.

Yuma & ShipBob

Yuma integrates with ShipBob to offer automation across your ecosystem. The Integration enables Yuma to perform autonomous actions like searching for data, updating records, and more inside ShipBob. Essentially, you don't need a human to do mundane tasks like opening ShipBob and looking for information, then fetching it to resolve tickets. Yuma AI can perform these actions end-to-end.

Key Features

Integrated Fulfillment: ShipBob simplifies multi-platform selling by centralizing order and inventory management. Seamlessly sync and fulfill orders from platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and Etsy through one unified platform.

Global Fulfillment Network: Leverage ShipBob’s extensive network of fulfillment centers across the US, Europe, and Australia for faster delivery and reduced shipping costs.

Warehouse Management System (WMS): ShipBob's WMS covers everything from stocking and storage to picking and packing. Merchants can also use the WMS software for their own warehouse.

Custom Branding Options: Enhance your brand’s presence and customer experience with customizable packaging, inserts, and delivery options that reflect your branding.

Real-Time Data Analytics: Gain insights into your logistics with real-time data on inventory levels, order status, and shipping for all physical and online channels.

Why use ShipBob?

2-Day Shipping Across the USA

ShipBob offers 2-day express shipping all over USA with over 95% accuracy, making it compelling for brands that want to meet expectations on speed and drive customer loyalty.

Global Expansion for Growing Brands

Facilitate your brand's international growth needs with ShipBob’s global fulfillment network. Expand into new markets while maintaining control over your fulfillment operations.

Omnichannel and B2B Fulfilment

Fulfill orders from both offline and online channels. View real-time and historical stock levels; which helps prevent going out of stock even if you sell both offline and online. ShipBob also supports B2B fulfillment.

Fully Outsource Fulfillment

Leverage ShipBob as a 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) partner to outsource your entire fulfillment process. Focus more on your core business activities while ShipBob manages everything.

Getting Started with ShipBob

To begin using ShipStation, visit the ShipBob Help Center, which provides comprehensive guides and tutorials. For developers, view ShipBob API Documentation. ShipBob also publishes educational resources on logistics and fulfillment.