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Skio | Integration with Yuma AI

Skio is a subscription management platform designed specifically for Shopify merchants. It enables easy migration from other platforms. The team is recognized for their consultative approach to onboarding and white-glove support. Skio simplifies the checkout process by eliminating external checkouts and bringing it native in Shopify. The platform is known for easy migrations, customizable subscription options, and direct integrations that enhance user experience. Skio works with major help desks like Gorgias, Zendesk, and several other e-commerce integrations.

Yuma & Skio

Yuma integrates with Skio to offer automation across your ecosystem. The Integration enables Yuma to perform autonomous actions like searching for data, updating records, and more inside Skio. Essentially, you don't need a human to do mundane tasks like opening Skio and looking for information, then fetching it to resolve tickets. Yuma AI can perform these actions end-to-end.

Key Features

Save Engine

Enhances customer retention through personalized cancel flows, which minimize churn and maximize revenue by presenting subscribers with smart, targeted offers and dynamic conditions based on their behavior and preferences.

Password-less Login

This feature reduces customer service inquiries by using a straightforward login process using a 4-digit code sent via SMS or email.

Data Platform

Offers comprehensive analytics on revenue, forecasting, dunning, cohorts, and cancellation flows, powered by Google BigQuery.

Advanced Customer Portal

Skio utilizes modern technologies like React, Next.js, and GraphQL to deliver a better customer portal that reduces support tickets.

Skio SMS

Enables customers to manage their subscriptions via SMS, offering the flexibility to swap products, add one-time purchases, or adjust delivery schedules via SMS.

Why use Seal Subscriptions?

White-glove Migration Support

Features an in-house launch engineering team that manages migration from other tools, ensuring a smooth transition without disruptions in payment processing or customer experience.

Conditional Cancel Flows

Skio enables businesses to create customized workflows that respond dynamically to subscriber actions, such as offering discounts or special promotions if they attempt to cancel their subscription.

Surprise & Delight to Reduce Churn

Allows you to automatically surprise subscribers with a free gift just before they're most likely to cancel.

Offer Family Plans to Customers

This feature allows you to increase organic revenue by offering group discounts and encouraging friends and family to subscribe together.

Getting Started with Skio

To begin using Skio, visit Skio Help Center, which provides comprehensive guides and tutorials. For integrations, view Skio's instructions here.