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Recharge Payments | Integration with Yuma AI

Recharge Payments is one of the best subscription services tool for e-commerce, making it the great choice for businesses on Shopify and BigCommerce. According to Recharge - 93% of Shopify Plus stores that offer subscriptions rely on them. It simplifies launching and managing recurring billing, offering powerful customization and seamless integration.

Yuma AI + Recharge Use Case →

Say a customer wants to cancel their subscription via an Instagram DM. Yuma will ask her email to pull up her info from Recharge. If the customer is subscribed to a product, Yuma will offer her a 15% discount to keep the subscription. If she agrees, great news! Yuma will autonomously apply the 15% discount inside Recharge, thank her for her business, and close the ticket. This fully autonomous resolution of tickets is what we call True automation, and you can quickly build these with Yuma's recharge integration.

Yuma seamlessly integrates with Recharge to offer you automation across your eco-system. With Recharge + Yuma, you don’t need a human agent to do these mundane tasks like opening Recharge and looking for the information, then fetching it to resolve the tickets. All that can be performed end-to-end by Yuma AI.

Key Features of Recharge

Versatile Subscription Models: Cater to every customer's needs with a variety of subscription options.

Easy Integration: Seamlessly connects with Shopify and BigCommerce, enhancing your e-commerce ecosystem.

Robust Customization: Tailor the subscription experience to fit your brand and customer preferences.

Comprehensive Support: Access dedicated support, a rich Help Center, and detailed Developer Docs for smooth operation.

Reasons to use Recharge

Customer Retention

Recharge Payments helps reduce churn and enhance customer retention by offering personalized experiences and flexible subscription options, leading to happy and satisfied customers who stay with your brand for the long term.

Predictable Revenue

They offer a subscription model that provides reliable recurring revenue, ensuring a steady cash flow for businesses.


The platform's robust subscription management features allow businesses to efficiently handle increasing transaction volumes, track customer subscriptions, and maintain inventory.

Getting Started with Recharge

Getting up and running with Recharge is straightforward, thanks to its no-code integrations for major e-commerce platforms and a powerful API for custom setups. Begin by exploring Recharge’s easy setup guide.