Gorgias + Yuma AI

Supercharge Your Gorgias Help Desk with Yuma AI

Every e-commerce store faces the challenge of customer support when they reach some scale. A journey every growing e-commerce merchant goes through is seeking smarter ways to manage increasing demands. However, not all AI solutions are created equal. Transform your e-commerce customer service into a powerhouse with Yuma AI, now available for the Gorgias. As a leader in AI-driven CX, Yuma AI is dedicated to supercharging Gorgias help desk with unparalleled AI capabilities, tailored specifically for the dynamic needs of e-commerce businesses.

Yuma AI natively integrates into Gorgias. You can get started anytime with our 7-day free trial. During this period, you can cancel anytime without being charged.

Why Yuma AI Stands Apart

Yuma AI transcends the conventional boundaries of AI solutions by offering true automation far beyond basic AI chatbots. We're redefining what's possible with AI in customer support by focusing on task-oriented automation that's specifically designed for e-commerce businesses. Our technology is built to handle the complexities of your daily operations, offering a seamless one-click integration with Gorgias, Shopify and the entire relevant ecosystem, ensuring a holistic solution that enhances your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Achieve True Automation with External Actions

Yuma goes beyond basic AI bots and automated Q&A. We know that many tickets require actual actions that are mostly performed by human agents, which is why we’ve built Yuma AI to be able to autonomously take action. Our Auto-Pilot Agent feature is capable of following your custom processes and performing tasks 100% autonomously such as: Managing orders, Managing subscriptions, Managing customer accounts, Troubleshooting, and a lot more.

Yuma AI is made for E-commerce

Yuma AI is built for e-commerce businesses and is trusted by a growing number of merchants worldwide, delivering significant ROI through reduced response times, increased customer satisfaction, and higher sales.

GPT-4 AI power with full control

Yuma AI leverages the latest advancements in AI and machine learning to deliver a solution that's both personalized and scalable. By integrating with Gorgias, Yuma AI enables e-commerce businesses to automate a significant portion of customer interactions, from handling routine requests to executing complex tasks autonomously. This not only improves efficiency but also allows your team to focus on high-value activities, driving growth and innovation.

Detailed Automation Dashboard

Monitor your automation rate and identify optimization opportunities with an intuitive dashboard, showcasing the impact of Yuma AI to your entire organization. Our customers often use the Yuma AI dashboard to showcase Impact to management and the rest of the company.

Your Partner for CX Success

With Yuma, you have the flexibility to begin at your own pace by automating the most challenging requests first. Afterwards, you can monitor your progress and continue improving. Yuma offers clear metrics and an overview of your automation progress, as well as suggestions for your next steps to help you steadily increase your automation rate over time.

Native Features

  • Auto-Pilot Agents: Auto-Pilot agent or AP is the most advanced feature of Yuma AI. They can perform many tasks and close a ticket autonomously with 0% human intervention. APs have the capability to take auctions across platforms (Gorgias, Shopify, Zendesk, Recharge, Yotpo, Ship station, Shipbob, etc.) and services to execute tickets.
  • Data Flow: Yuma AI comes with the ability to live-fetch product info, inventory, customer, order etc. data.
  • Integrations: Designed with e-commerce companies in mind, integrating smoothly with services like Recharge, Loop Returns, Ship Station, and many more.
  • Brand Voice: Each generated draft is written with your own style. Yuma AI allows you to tune in to your brand voice, offering on-brand responses that resonate with your customers, building loyalty and trust. This capability strengthens customer relationships and elevates your brand's reliability and appeal, turning casual shoppers into loyal advocates.
  • Yuma Learns Fast: Yuma improves over time by learning from your answers. Our US-based engineering team releases new improvements and features weekly.
  • AI Summarization: Summarize a long ticket conversation with one click. This enables interruption free CX for customers even with several human agents rotating one ticket.
  • AI Widget: AI Widget that embeds right into your Gorgias interface when you install Yuma AI. This allows human agents to co-pilot using AI during servicing tickets

Advanced Enterprise Features

  • Live Support from Yuma AI: Use a dedicated Slack channel where you’ll get live support from our team. Our team is dedicated to getting you to success with Yuma AI.
  • Multilingual AI: Auto-translate messages and generate drafts in any required language, enabling your human agents to break the language barrier.
  • Multiple Brands & Stores Support: Yuma natively handles multiple brands and stores within one platform to manage them all.
  • Custom workflows: Do you have a huge ticket volume? We help with creating workflows that help automate your CX stack. Automate by leveraging AI-powered rules and smart templates.
  • Custom Intents: Custom intents help you capture the uniqueness and edge cases of your business. Write custom intents in plain English to automate actions, tagging, and triage.

Getting started is easy in a few steps

You can install Yuma AI in Gorgias with just one click and start using Yuma with a free trial. Don’t let customer service be a bottleneck for your growth. With Yuma AI, transform it into your competitive advantage. Install it today and take the first step towards a smarter, more responsive customer service experience.

  1. Yuma is a one-click install app. Simply install the app to start automating
  2. Once installed, Yuma will begin building your custom knowledge base in the background.
  3. Depending on the size of your store and data, it should be synchronized in less than an hour. Then, you can start using Yuma.
  4. If necessary, you can adjust your settings in your Yuma dashboard (accessible after installation).

Enjoy your free trial, and reach out to us for any assistance!