Zendesk + Yuma AI

Bigblue | Integration with Yuma AI

Bigblue is an all-in-one fulfillment platform for direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. As a third-party logistics partner, Bigblue manages the entire fulfillment process, from storage to global shipping through a broad carrier network. This enables merchants to offer Amazon-like delivery experiences, including one-day and two-day shipping options. They allow customizable packaging and personalized inserts like flyers. Bigblue works with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify and major help desks like Gorgias and Zendesk.

Yuma & Bigblue

Yuma integrates with Bigblue to offer automation across your ecosystem. The Integration enables Yuma to perform autonomous actions like searching for data, updating records, and more inside Bigblue. Essentially, you don't need a human to do mundane tasks like opening Bigblue and looking for information, then fetching it to resolve tickets. These actions can be performed end-to-end by Yuma AI.

Key Features

Automated Warehouse Management: Utilize automated warehouses across Europe to ensure ultra-fast order preparation and shipping.

Global Shipping Network: Access over 20 carriers, enabling worldwide shipping and providing customers with a variety of delivery options.

Customized Packaging Options: Personalize packaging with flyers, samples, and gift notes to create on-brand unboxing experiences.

Sustainable Values: Committed to eco-friendly logistics with plastic-free packaging and certified warehouses. They also offer carbon-free delivery options.

Why use Bigblue?

Offer Prime-like experience

Offer expedited shipping options like 1 day or 2 day delivery along with Amazon-like fast delivery tags on your website.

Branded returns portal

Transform returns into a positive experience with an easy-to-use, branded returns portal that can convert returns into future sales opportunities.

All-in-One Platform

Streamline your entire fulfillment process, from order receipt to shipping and returns, through one integrated platform.

Supports both B2B and B2C

Manage both B2B and B2C orders in one platform, enhancing operational efficiency and simplifying the fulfillment process.

Getting Started with Bigblue

To begin using Bigblue, visit Bigblue Help Center, which provides comprehensive guides and tutorials.