AI-Powered Customer Service to Elevate your Shopify Store

Every Shopify store faces the challenge of customer support when they reach some scale. It's a journey every growing e-commerce merchant goes through - seeking smarter ways to manage increasing demands. However, not all AI solutions are created equal. Yuma AI stands out with the best Shopify integration available, designed for real task-oriented automation. We achieve this by connecting directly with Shopify, allowing us to perform the same actions a human would in the Shopify admin panel, mirroring day-to-day operations seamlessly and consistently. Our deep integration extends to the entire Shopify ecosystem, offering a one-click setup that fits effortlessly into your existing tech stack. With Yuma AI, integrating AI into your Shopify store isn’t just about adopting new technology—it’s about enhancing your operations with the best tool designed to work with Shopify.

Why Yuma AI for Your Shopify Store

Built for Shopify

Designed from the ground up to address the unique challenges of Shopify merchants. Leverage our deep understanding and strong partnership with Shopify to enhance your store's customer service capabilities. Our solutions are crafted with Shopify stores in mind, ensuring they meet the unique needs of e-commerce entrepreneurs. Read how our focus on Shopify merchants makes Yuma AI the most effective customer service automation tool out there. Our approach is to create true AI automation in your business as opposed to commonly seen basic AI chatbots for Q/A.

True Automation

Yuma AI flawlessly embeds into your favourite help desks like Gorgias and Zendesk, making setup a breeze and automation instant. We connect to your Shopify store with just one click allowing you to start automating from day one. Because of our deep integration, Yuma AI can perform many actions in Shopify without any human intervention, giving you true automation. Our goal is to build the most capable task-oriented AI agents for you and your business use cases (as opposed to chatbots which are commonly seen).

Yuma AI has live access to all Shopify data

Automatically personalize customer messages using customer data, such as names, order numbers, and shipping addresses, in your responses. With Yuma AI, you never have to choose between speed and personal touch again. Our AI-driven platform ensures that every response feels individually tailored, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty without sacrificing efficiency.

AI-Powered Efficiency

Reduce response times and increase customer satisfaction with AI that understands and resolves queries swiftly. With features crafted to boost efficiency and satisfaction, Yuma AI automates the mundane, letting you focus on what matters – growing your business. Yuma AI not only speeds up response times but also ensures each query is handled with the utmost accuracy, driving customer loyalty and freeing up your team to innovate and expand.

Speak Your Customers’ Language

Yuma AI allows you to tune in your brand voice, offering on-brand responses that resonate with your customers, building loyalty and trust. This capability strengthens customer relationships and elevates your brand's reliability and appeal, turning casual shoppers into loyal advocates.

Features and benefits tailored for Shopify Merchants

Data Flow
Yuma has the ability to live to fetch product info, inventory, customer, order etc. data. This real-time access ensures that every customer interaction is informed and up-to-date, allowing for highly accurate and relevant responses.

Built for your entire stack
Yuma AI is designed for Shopify e-commerce merchants with their stack in mind. We integrate with popular services like Recharge, Loop Returns, Ship Station, ShipBob, Bigblue, Klaviyo, Skio, etc.

Deep Shopify Integration
Our deep integration allows Yuma AI to perform complex tasks autonomously. One such case is order status requests from customers, which we understand make up for a lot of total ticket volume.
Multichannel and seamless
Yuma AI can automate all common channels, giving you full coverage and unifying your customer service automation experience. Integrating Yuma AI with your Shopify store is quick and straightforward. Get up and running in no time and see the immediate impact of AI-driven customer service.

Automation Dashboard
Yuma AI comes with a detailed dashboard that makes it easy for you to track your automation rate and identify the best ways to automate. Our users also use the Yuma dashboard to showcase Impact to management and the rest of the company.

Data-Driven Insights
Gain valuable insights into customer needs and service performance, helping you make informed decisions to grow your business.

Autonomous actions Yuma AI can take in Shopify

Yuma AI can autonomously take most of the actions you take daily in your Shopify Admin Panel:
Order - Search, Tag, Cancel, Refund (Full, Partial, Percentage), Reship, Add/Update Note, Modify Product (Add, Update Quantity, Remove), Send Invoice, etc. Product - Search, Check Availability, Fetch Info. Customer - Get Account Status, Send Activation Email, Unsubscribe from Marketing. Discount - Create a Gift Card

Our Commitment as Shopify Partners

We're not just a tech provider; we're a partner in your Shopify journey. Our commitment to innovation, reliability, and support makes us one of the best technologies that work with Shopify. Trust Yuma AI to keep your customer service at the forefront of the e-commerce revolution. Last but not least - our AI evolves with your business, ensuring your customer service keeps getting better, smarter, and more efficient.

Trusted by Shopify Merchants Worldwide

Join the ranks of successful Shopify stores leveraging Yuma AI. Our platform is trusted daily by a growing number of merchants who’ve seen great ROI from reduced response times, increased customer satisfaction, and higher sales.

Get Started Today

You can install Yuma AI on your favourite help desk with just one click and start using Yuma with a free trial. Don’t let customer service be a bottleneck for your growth. With Yuma AI, transform it into your competitive advantage. Install it today and take the first step towards a smarter, more responsive customer service experience.

Ready to enhance your Shopify store's customer service? Contact us to learn more about our integration with Gorgias and Zendesk. We’re always here to help and get you to success!
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