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SLA after using Yuma AI from just 6% in 6 months


The Koin Club, a company specializing in collectables, enhanced their customer service efficiency by automating 40% of its customer support tickets with Yuma AI. This automation led to an impressive improvement in SLA response times, increasing it from 6% to 56.9% in months. As a result, the company was able to optimize its customer support staff by 83%, marking a milestone in their operational excellence.

The Koin Club started in 2012 in UK from the founder Ross Davies's grandma's kitchen, Since then they have carved a niche for themselves in the collectables market. Since 2017 however, the company started seeing growth and global expansion of it’s e-commerce store. Quite naturally it came with the challenge of scaling customer support to meet the needs of a diverse, international customer base without sacrificing the personal engagement that fans of its collectable coins and memorabilia had come to expect. Turning to Yuma AI, The Koin Club was able to ensure that customers worldwide received prompt, tailored responses, underscoring the brand's dedication to quality.


During early years, the company did phone calls for customer interactions where the team spent up to 30 minutes on each call. This method, while personal, was not scalable, especially as customer inquiries surged from different time zones. This added complexity to the support process, making it challenging to scale with efficiency.

Additionally there’s a high turnover rate in customer service positions in general. The unpredictability and inconsistency of staffing, particularly during peak periods, were also big problems that the company was looking to solve. They needed a solution that could handle the volume and complexity of inquiries while maintaining the brand's reputation for customer engagement.

"The Queen of England's passing in 2022 and the coronation that followed were significant events that drove a huge demand for our coins. Despite the solemn occasions, our sales shoot up and really drove us to consider customer support automation. To be able to use Yuma AI made a huge difference, because we could then clear hundreds of tickets a day" - Head of CX, The Koin Club.


To tackle the challenges of global customer support and high ticket volumes, The Koin Club adopted Yuma AI. This move significantly enhanced efficiency and preserved the quality of customer interactions. This adoption enabled:

  • 40% automation of customer inquiries, streamlining responses to frequently asked questions and ensuring timely support across all time zones.
  • Consistent brand voices for The Koin Club and Tilly Pig, facilitated by Yuma AI's adaptable platform, allowing seamless management of diverse customer tickets by a single agent.
  • An 83% reduction in support staff since adopting Yuma AI, optimizing operational costs without compromising service quality.

Yuma AI's introduction marked a strategic pivot from phone-based support to a more dynamic, e-commerce-centric approach, enabling The Koin Club to offer personalized, efficient service to its growing international audience.

"Yuma AI has been instrumental in harmonizing our customer service across Tilly Pig and The Koin Club, each with its unique brand voice. It empowers a single agent to seamlessly switch between Tilly Pig's youthful, vibrant tone and the more formal, respectful tone of The Koin Club, ensuring consistency and precision in every interaction. The system's reliability in eliminating errors and maintaining politeness has been a standout, making our communications flawless and on-brand every time." - Head of CX, The Koin Club.


The implementation of Yuma AI at The Koin Club yielded transformative results, reshaping their customer support and setting new benchmarks for operational efficiency in the company:

Rapid Response Times: The SLA response rate soared to 56.9%, a stark improvement from the initial 6%, demonstrating Yuma AI's impact on The Koin Club's ability to meet customer needs swiftly.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: By automating routine inquiries, the remaining customer support agent could dedicate more attention to complex issues, elevating the overall quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Operational Streamlining: The shift to a more automated system allowed The Koin Club to significantly reduce its reliance on human agents, thereby decreasing operating costs while maintaining a high standard of customer engagement.

Global Reach: Automation ensured that customers received immediate, accurate responses worldwide, enhancing The Koin Club's global presence and accessibility.

These outcomes reflect a marked improvement in The Koin Club's customer service capabilities and highlight the scalability and efficiency brought about by integrating Yuma AI into their operations. The ability to maintain a consistent, high-quality customer experience, even with a reduced staff, underscores the profound impact of Yuma AI's technology on The Koin Club's growth trajectory.

According to The Koin Club, they achieved at least 9x ROI with Yuma AI.

"Switching to Yuma AI was exactly what we needed. We can now manage 30+ tickets in the the time it took us to do one call. It's been transformative, especially for our customers across the globe. For instance, those in Australia no longer have to wait for our UK team to start their day to get a response. Yuma AI's automation has seamlessly bridged that gap, making our support system quicker and busy with more complex and human interactions." - Head of CX, The Koin Club.


The journey of The Koin Club, from phone-based customer support to leveraging Yuma AI's advanced automation, represents a significant leap forward in e-commerce customer service. The adoption of Yuma AI optimized operational efficiencies and reinforced The Koin Club's commitment to providing exceptional, timely service to its global customer base. This strategic partnership highlights the power of innovative technology to transform business operations, paving the way for The Koin Club to continue its worldwide expansion and maintain its niche dominance. As The Koin Club looks to the future, its experience with Yuma AI is an example of the potential of embracing AI solutions to enhance customer engagement and operational productivity.

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